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Over the last while, Iíve noticed people navigating to the blog page on my website. Unfortunately, thereís been nothing there for them to see. Anyway, this is my attempt at starting to put something in writing to go with my photography. Iíll treat this first one as a bit of an introduction, explaining who I am and what I do. If all goes well, I may try to post more on a bi-weekly or monthly schedule. Weíll see how it goes.

A bit about me.

Iím a self-taught, landscape/nature photographer residing in Parksville, on central Vancouver Island. We live in a natural paradise that allows me to capture most of my images within half an hour or so from home. Itís only been the last 3-5 years that I started taking photography more seriously and started my business 2 years ago.

I started showing my work at Island Exposures Gallery, thanks to my friend and fellow photographer, Craig Carmichael. Then came the summer markets and art shows that are so popular in this area. I really enjoyed that part of it, as it gave me an opportunity to meet people, talk about my work and get direct feedback. Between those shows and my online presence through Facebook, I felt that I was starting to get my name and my work out there.

Last year I moved into a new gallery in Parksville (Oceanside Village Artistsí Gallery). We had a bit of a slow start, as it took people a while to find us, but once they did, things started to gain momentum. I just recently moved out of that gallery and now have my work on display at Pacific Shores Resort and Spa. Theyíre also selling my work through their gift shop.

Another line that I started up this spring was teaching. I tested the waters with a few evening workshops, designed for beginner to intermediate photographers. Through my own experiences, I thought it would be best to keep class sizes small and subject matter focused. By concentrating on specific themes like sunsets or flowing water, the students were finding the amount of information manageable and seemed to enjoy the experience.

Iím looking forward to a productive 2015. I will be setting up a schedule of workshops, both for the general public and for guests of Pacific Shores Resort. I will also be looking into various markets and shows throughout the year, so if youíre in the area, stop in and say hello.

Next upÖ About My Work.